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Handgun Operations

Looking to brush up on your handgun knowledge and fundamentals?  You're in luck!  This 4-hour course covers the basic understanding and fundamentals of how to safely and efficiently operate a handgun.  It is an ideal course for all levels of pistol owners.  Half of this course is spent in the classroom, the other half is spent at a gun range.  


Materials to bring to the classroom;

-70 page spiral notebook or a laptop

Materials to bring to the range;

-UNLOADED Handgun (preferrably 9mm)
-50 rounds of ammunition (available for purchase at the range)
-Eyes and Ear protection (can be provided by the range)
-Target (also can be bought at the range)

The fee for this class is $70, not including the cost of renting a handgun and purchase of ammunition.  The range we go to will require signature of a waiver, which will be done at the range counter.  Refunds can be granted more than 24 hours in advance of the start time of the class, and do not include the $1.65 service charge.  Students must pay online in advance.  Hurry now before the next class fills up!

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